About Us

Why we do it

Makeup is fun and exciting but it shouldn't cause animals to suffer from any kind of testing, because of it. 

We opened Viable Vegans to play our part in ending animal abuse. For centuries, animal testing has caused the suffering of many animals. Most people are not aware of this because it's rarely taught to our children or brought up in conversations. Scientia Potentia Est*

Everyone is welcome (vegan or not) to join this cause. When you purchase our products, you become a part of this movement. Your conscious decision to buy Vegan and Cruelty Free cosmetics makes a difference. So thanks for visiting our store and sharing your concerns about animal testing. We sincerely appreciate you for it!  

*Warning: Any search online regarding animal testing may show images that are graphic in nature, which is disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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